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Arr’ matey! There be treasures in them pictures of pirates.

Arrr Matey, the pirates art be here for ye. Pirate art, pirate paintings, pirate drawings and all things historical like. These are prints and originals of pirate’s — not as they were but as they should have been. Also some pieces that are historical in nature.

Lisa is trained and has worked as a Museum Technician. Naturally she is interested in historical artwork and in historical re-enactment. And pirates and museum life are amongst her favourite topics.

These are all original artwork and paintings. In all cases prints are available in either a 5×7 or 8×10 format. In many cases, the original piece is also available.

Prints are sold unmatted, in a plastic protector with shipping included. Local taxes (excluding Canadian) and duties, if any, are your responsibility. Typically there is no extra charge.

The original pieces are often framed. If an original piece is not framed it is matted to a standard frame size. All pieces can be framed. Please note that a frame will increase shipping costs.

All prices shown are in Canadian Dollars. Prints include shipping costs by normal mail.

Because originals are bulky items (especially framed), shipping costs will vary. To obtain a quotation please send me an email here.

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